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Realtime Tracking
       Falcon 360 Tracking System  
Tracking, communication, operational info and more...

Apex Flight Operations manufactures and markets the Falcon 360 Tracking System, a portable flight tracking solution for aircraft worldwide. The Falcon provides realtime feedback from the aircraft, and apart from reporting the aircraft's position, it can be configured to automatically report on different events during the aircraft's operation, even depending on the phase of flight!

The Falcon has proprietary data-packing algorithms which ensure the minimum use of satellite airtime bandwidth. A position report from the Falcon costs US$0.035; on a standard tracking interval of 6 min, the hourly cost is only $0.35!

With BlueToothâ„¢ 4.0 technology, the Falcon can pair with most laptops, tablets or smart devices. Free apps and custom software provided with the system allow the crew to send or receive communication, configure the system, and remain in contact with the base regardless of radio coverage in the region.

Portable and Flexible
The Falcon can be used as a completely portable system, but can also be extended to use either an internal booster antenna, or an external antenna for optimum communication.

An Alert button on the unit will immediately notify ground operations of an incident on the aircraft, and will automatically alter the reporting interval to a 30s interval to ensure maximum visibility of the aircraft.

Phase of Flight Detection
The Falcon will automatically detect the phase of flight during the operation of the aircraft, allowing variable interval reporting as well as inflight events. Both fixed-wing and helicopter flight phases are detected.

The Falcon features GPS technology that exceeds the requirements for the Automated Flight Following standards; it is compliant with United Nations, ICRC, NAFC and other contract requirements.
How to get it
The Falcon can be purchased directly from Apex Flight Operations via the Online Shop, or from one of our Distributors around the world. If you'd just like more information, you can also get a Quote from one of our sales consultants.

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